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Connect with Millennials

Think it's all a digital reach with #MILLENNIALS Think again! Lindsey Roy is Hallmark's chief marketing officer. She says, in terms of card spending, millennials are the fastest growing group because when they buy and send cards, they spend more money on them. "We've seen that millennials are really growing into that magic life stage for card sending." It might also surprise you millennials are not just buying cards at a record pace. Even in this digital age, 80 percent of millennials are holding onto their cards as keepsakes. Wouldn't it be a brilliant idea if there was an app for that? There is! Try it for FREE. #creativecontent #relationshipmarketing #getcreative Leann Spofford is a freel

The Magic of Appreciation

Connect with Appreciation Marketing “People will not remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou Everyone likes to feel appreciated. And, that includes our customers. Appreciation marketing puts the customer at the highest priority and values the relationship. It even goes so far to foster that relationship. “People buy relationships, stories and magic”. They have numerous choices with their consumer dollar and will many times make that choice emotionally by how someone or some product or company makes them FEEL. With everything in society whizzing past us so fast, it is emotional moments that tend to slow us down. Why? To truly relish the fe




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