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The Branding Process & Journey: Remember Who You Are

I love branding. Why? It makes things look, sound and feel pretty, strong, innovative, vibrant, fun, joyful, happy, etc. Using all our senses as humans, a strong brand makes us FEEL something. That feeling essence is what drives our actions to connect with a brand or business. But what is the root of it? How do we get there? How do we develop a brand? It’s a journey of discovery. Remembering who you are. I’ve been fortunate in life to have had phases of immense self-development and professional business development. Both rooted in the world. Yes, that dates me and I am ok with that. In fact, proud of it.. You see, I grew up in a small Pennsylvania town with very conventional ways of

3 Mobile Apps to Grow Your Business & Build Relationships

As a mobile marketing & branding entrepreneur I'm always looking for tools to simplify and grow business for my clients. I believe the optimal solution works best when you mix the foundations of marketing with modern technology. These are a few of the apps I use and recommend to build relationships and increase business while building your brand at the same time. Integrating efforts is always best! 1. SendOut Cards This social networking app for relationship marketing is FREE to download and has an accompanying online web version as well. Here's the major benefits of using SendOut Cards: You increase customers through appreciation...with cards Captures life's special moments A relationship m




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