5 Ways to Celebrate National Book Month

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October is when the US celebrates all things book related. National Book Month was originally created by The National Book Foundation with an interest to get kids engaged in the literary world and to encourage reading. But everyone loves a good book! Here are 5 ways you can celebrate #NationalBookMonth.

1. Write letters to authors.

What better way to connect with your favorite authors. Kids can send fan mail or pictures. And, adults can connect with their favorite authors on social media sharing a photo of the favorite thing they love about the book. That two way communication helps authors/readers connect and understand each other.

2. Start a book club.

People are always looking for ways to connect with each other and meet new people. Finding a common interest might just start a new friendship and fun dialogue!

3. Support independent bookstores & independent authors.

Indie authors and independent bookstores are creating a new literary market and taking steps to do something different. How else will we see the "next big thing".

4. Write your own book

Statistics say 80 -90% of people want to write a book. About 3% actually do. Guess what!?! November is National Novel Writing Month. If you have an idea, what better way than to start now. Write. Sit 15 minutes a day and write all those thoughts. Organize, edit and pull it together later with a writing & publishing coach. And, if you think your idea has already been taken...maybe it has. But, it has never been told with your thoughts, ideas, and voice.

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And finally...

5. Download books from Kindle Unlimited

Technology is here to stay and with Kindle Unlimited it's a great opportunity for $10/month to try new genres and many books. And, you can even download the Kindle app and read it on your phones and iPads. Convenient to take your new books with you wherever you are.

Happy reading!