What a Ferrari Taught Me About Creative & Integrated Marketing

Ferrari & Integrated Marketing

Many people dream of driving a Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren or even a Bugatti. The sleek design, ride, feel and power reach an inner part of your being. You connect with the car!

If you take apart the individual parts of these cars and look at just the wheels, the engine, or the frame, that one component alone cannot give you the same experience.

Integrated and creative marketing is no different.

If you focus only on your brand, you’ll have the beautiful frame of the car.

If you focus only on social media, you’ll have a great sound system in the car.

If you focus only on leads & sales, you’ll have performance tires perhaps with great traction.

If you focus only on your website, you’ll have a solid engine.

You get the idea…

It’s easy to see you need to have experts help you design and combine the pieces to build the entire automobile. Once built, it becomes an exotic rolling piece of art. It stands out on the road.

And…we usually have a destination in mind when we get in a car. Marketing is no different. Use the GPS system or data to get you to your destination.

Enjoy the ride!


Leann Spofford is a freelance writer and creative catalyst who helps businesses with integrated marketing & storytelling for today's modern business world.